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Finding escorts these days is really hard. I have been working as the madame of Orpington escorts for the last 18 months, and I am still looking for quality girls to join our escorts service. The gents who date at the agency are really interested in meeting with English born escorts but that is not easy at all. There are hot girls around, but not all of them will make it escorts. A very small majority of the girls that I meet would make great escorts and a lot of them do not have what it takes to become escorts.

dating an orpington escorts

You need to be really friendly if you would like to work for an escorts service. Most of the girls who have been coming through the doors at Orpington escorts have a smile, but there are not friendly. Sitting down with them to have a chat is hard work and it is a bit like they have spent too much time in front of the computer. Everything that they know about escorting seem to come off the Internet, and I am not so sure that they have actually spoken to any escorts. If they had done that, at least they would know a little bit about escorting.

Lots of the girls who like to be Orpington escorts are from abroad. That is fine, but you do need to have really good English to work for Orpington escorts. A lot of our dates are from out of town, and many of them will expect our girls to go to business functions. There is no way that they are going to be able to do that if they cannot speak decent English. The girls who attend the business functions do very well. Most of them have really packed dating diaries and I would say that they are some of the busiest escorts in London.

You also need to know how to dress. When I was working as an escort, I took serious pride in my appearance and made sure that I looked my best all of the time. The girls that I meet know don’t really seem to care. They may turn up in jeans to an interview and look a bit like they have been out in a Force 9 gal. When I escorted, we just would not dream of turning up like that for an interview.

Does escorting have a future? I am sure that a lot of the owners of London’s top escorts services are wondering what is going on. Like I keep saying to my colleagues at other agencies. There are now so many foreign girls working in London, so there is little wonder that we all struggle to find quality staff. I know that it is not only Orpington escorts who have got this problem. The sad thing is that a lot of English girls do not want to become escorts. It is a real shame because many of them are so good at it. It would be nice to have some quality girls who want to stay with the agency long term.

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